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Southern California Edison proposes to install 48,000 more charging points

The Charge Ready network, launched two years ago as a pilot program by Southern California Edison (SCE), recently installed its 1,000th charging station. Now SCE has filed a plan with the California Public Utilities Commission to invest $760 million to expand the program to 48,000 (!) more charging points. Most of the charging stations added… Read more »

Vehicle-to-grid project reveals challenges of the early days

Los Angeles Air Force Base became the first federal facility to replace its entire general-purpose fleet with plug-in vehicles in a two-year V2G research project Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is a technical and policy-based effort to optimize the way EVs interact with the electrical grid. V2G developers view EVs as “resources” within an electrical network. In V2G… Read more »

Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready program to install up to 1,500 charging stations

Southern California Edison (SCE) plans to add as many as 1,500 EV charging stations to its 5-million-customer service area. The $22-million Charge Ready pilot is focused on installing charging stations at locations where cars are parked for extended periods – workplaces, apartment complexes, fleet vehicle parking lots, campuses and recreational areas. Participants will own, operate… Read more »