Southern California Edison proposes to install 48,000 more charging points

The Charge Ready network, launched two years ago as a pilot program by Southern California Edison (SCE), recently installed its 1,000th charging station. Now SCE has filed a plan with the California Public Utilities Commission to invest $760 million to expand the program to 48,000 (!) more charging points.

Most of the charging stations added during Charge Ready’s pilot phase were installed at workplaces, schools and universities, hospitals, destination centers and fleet yards. In the second phase, SCE plans to increase the number of chargers at apartment and condominium complexes as well.

Under the program, SCE installs and maintains the EVSE and provides rebates to reduce costs, while participants typically own, operate and maintain the charging stations.

“By allowing hundreds of our employees the opportunity to conveniently plug in daily at work, our headquarters has become the blueprint for zero-emissions corporate commuting throughout the nation,” said Mike O’Brien, VP of Planning for Hyundai, which installed 74 Charge Ready chargers at its Fountain Valley location.

“On top of being able to provide our students, teachers and staff the opportunity to charge their EVs, having the charging stations also exposes EVs to more individuals in our community, including many who might not have had that exposure before,” said Shawn Cun, Energy Manager of El Monte Union High School District, where SCE has installed 44 charging stations.

“Achieving California’s ambitious goals for reducing air pollution and harmful greenhouse gas emissions will require 7 million electric cars on California highways by 2030,” said Caroline Choi, SCE Senior VP for Regulatory Affairs. “Taking Charge Ready to the next level will allow SCE to develop charging infrastructure needed to support a big portion of those cars.”


Source: Southern California Edison

  • Ormond Otvos

    Reasonably priced, readily available, well-maintained Charging Stations are the NECESSARY element now.
    Try to plan a trip with a Leaf or similar with a hundred-fifty mile range…

    • wekebu

      My Leaf does all my day-to-day driving. My ‘fuel’ coasts are 1/2 of what my previous car used to cost per mile. When I go on that once a year trip, I’ll plan it with rest stops that include the 30-minute charging or I’ll use our diesel Chevy Cruze or I’ll rent a car.

  • Jim Stack

    How much is there cost for using them? I have seen a few in other areas owned by Utilities that are 50 cents a kWh or more. That is about 5 x more than use at home. It should never be more than 2x the home cost !

    • wekebu

      Agreed. Our home costs are $.21 kWh for the first tier, $.28 second tier (PGE). I went to a local EVGO CHadeMO charger, just to try it, and was charged per minute. Turned out to be $.35 per kWh. That seems too high for me, but on a trip, it might be worth it?