Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready program to install up to 1,500 charging stations

Southern California Edison Charge Ready

Southern California Edison (SCE) plans to add as many as 1,500 EV charging stations to its 5-million-customer service area.

The $22-million Charge Ready pilot is focused on installing charging stations at locations where cars are parked for extended periods – workplaces, apartment complexes, fleet vehicle parking lots, campuses and recreational areas.

Participants will own, operate and maintain the charging stations, and SCE will install and maintain the supporting electrical infrastructure at no cost. SCE will also offer rebates to offset some or all of the cost of the stations and their installation. The program calls for at least 10% of the stations to be installed in disadvantaged communities.

At the pilot’s conclusion, SCE plans to seek authority from the California Public Utilities Commission to expand the program to about 30,000 charging stations.

Southern California Edison Charge Ready 1


Source: Southern California Edison



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