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Daimler and BAIC partner on second-life energy storage systems

Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz Energy and BAIC’s Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. will partner to establish second-life energy storage systems in China. The companies plan to set up the first second-life energy storage unit in Beijing, repurposing retired batteries from BAIC’s BJEV models. Gordon Gassmann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy, said, “The extension of regenerative and thus high-fluctuation energy… Read more »

China slashes EV subsidies, electric automaker shares fall

China has announced substantial cuts to existing subsidies for EV purchases. The subsidy for pure EVs with ranges of 400 kilometers (250 miles) and above will be halved, to 25,000 yuan ($3,700) per vehicle, the Chinese Ministry of Finance said (via Bloomberg). The minimum range to qualify for any subsidy will also be raised from… Read more »

Chinese EV-maker establishes R&D center in Detroit

Chinese EV-maker BAIC EV has opened a new R&D center in Detroit. Working with BAIC’s other centers in Silicon Valley and Aachen, Germany, staff at the new facility will develop advanced technologies in motor drives, power electronics and intelligent control. BAIC plans to use its foothold in the Motor City to introduce advanced EV technology… Read more »

Chinese automaker BAIC opens EV R&D center in Silicon Valley

The Chinese are coming. Joining most of the American automakers, BAIC has opened an R&D facility in Silicon Valley. The BAIC EV R&D Center will be dedicated to the research and development of four to six models per year, and will become an important part of BJEV’s globalization plans, the company said. The BAIC subsidiary… Read more »

Rumors of a new Chinese suitor for Fisker

Fisker seems to be in limbo – it hasn’t declared bankruptcy, but so far its few prospective suitors have left it standing at the altar. Karma fans haven’t lost their faith, however. Lately, online discussion groups have been abuzz with hopeful rumors, and one frequent participant claims to have heard from insiders that a pleasant… Read more »