YM Tech unveils three new DC high-voltage relays for EVs

Contactor specialist YM Tech presented three new additions to its line of DC high-voltage EV relays at Shanghai’s International Lithium Battery Industry Fair.

The new EVH400 DC contactor is rated for 400 A and 1,000 VDC. The EVH600 DC contactor is rated for 600 A and 750 VDC. And the EVH1000 is rated for 100 A and 1,000 V.

YM Tech says the EVH400 and EVH600 are intended for energy storage, solar inverter, electric bus and quick charge systems. And the EVH1000 is designed for electric bus charging and energy storage systems.


Source: YM Tech

  • Eletruk

    I’m curious. When they say a relay is rated for such and such power, do they mean it can carry 400A @ 1000Volts, or that it can safely break 400KW?

  • Stuart McColl

    It’s from China … who knows what it is or is not … if it’s not what they say it is … your EV burns up in a flame ball. I requested a unit for testing from the company … and they did not respond. If they offer me up some units … I’ll test them and tell you what I find.