Author: Miles Gopie

Cummins partners with Battery Innovation Center for testing, validation and training

LG Chem hosts $1.9-million battery innovation competition

NCSU develops compact 50 kW fast charger with 97.5% efficiency

MacGregor Welding Systems unveils new touch retract welding torch for batteries

ORNL develops 120 kW wireless charging prototype with 97% efficiency

University of London hopes to make EV radiators unnecessary with simplified thermal management systems

MIT wins $1.89-million DOE research grant for one-step electrochemical copper extraction from sulfur-based minerals

Continental’s thermal management solutions aim to increase EV range in cold temperatures

UQM launches PowerPhase HD2 electric motor inverter line

Wildcat and TIES collaborate on electrolytes for high energy-density Li-ion batteries

AVID Technology wins six new power electronics and motor contracts totaling £50 million per year

Waterloo researchers achieve reversible four-electron conversion with lithium-oxygen batteries

Axion, Aceleron and Aspire launch battery recycling and reuse initiative