Tesla boosts power and range of Model 3 via remote software update

Tesla owners are used to receiving little goodies from time to time, but the latest over-the-air updates for Model 3 represent substantial increases in power and range.

Tesla is rolling out an increase in peak power output to all Model 3s as part of firmware version 2019.8.2. “Your vehicle’s peak power has been increased by approximately 5%, improving acceleration and Performance,” the company told the lucky owners.

Tesla has said that this power boost should increase the top speed of the Performance variant to 162 mph.

Elon Musk recently said that Tesla feels comfortable pushing Model 3’s battery pack and motor to higher power levels, now that it has collected over a year’s worth of real-world driving data.

A separate software update will extend the range of the Long-Range Model 3 variant by 15 miles. Tesla promised to make this improvement at the recent launch of the $35,000 base version. “Tesla is as much a software company as a hardware company and we’ve been able to via firmware improve the range of the long-range rear wheel drive car from 310 miles to 325 miles,” said Elon. “This will affect all customers including those that were all long range cars shipped to date and new cars. So both existing and new customers will get a 15 mile range increase from 310 to 325.”

As with the power increase, Musk says the growing body of usage data made Tesla confident that it could safely increase the efficiency of the motor and inverter. “We do find ways over time and have done this many times in the past where we are able to improve the efficiency of say the drive inverter or the motor or we get a bit more comfortable with how much energy you can extract safely from the battery pack without causing it long term harm.”


Source: Electrek

  • Pat Campbell

    Nice. My wife insisted we buy the LR model and this makes her day 😀

  • freedomev

    Now that is innovating. Testing for a yr to find reliability data then upping the power and battery specs when it turns out better than expected.
    Tesla is the beauty of when EV engineers get to design the car, not marketing. Letting the product speak for itself which turned out so well, they still don’t need advertising!
    Nice sedans, now Tesla needs to make a real CUV plus pickup and vans on the 3 and S chassis to fill the line out at low cost, just the cost of new bodies.