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Tesla aftermarket supplier EVannex develops new products for Model 3

South Florida-based EVannex represents a classic all-American tech startup story. Founder Roger Pressman is an engineer who’s been fascinated by EVs since the bad old days of GM’s EV1. When he saw a Tesla Model S alpha prototype in early 2011, it was love at first sight. He bought a Model S Signature Series (a… Read more »

Shanghai government says Tesla talks on track, whatever Musk may say

Elon Musk recently indulged in a tweetstorm about trade rules in China, which he says are hindering Tesla’s ability to compete in the market. “The current rules make things very difficult. It’s like competing in an Olympic race wearing lead shoes,” Musk wrote. However, he also said that “China has already shown a willingness to… Read more »

Tesla to establish electric motor R&D group in Greece

Tesla is expanding its international R&D operations with a small office in Athens, Greece to develop new electric motor technologies. According to Greek Reporter, Tesla Greece has been officially registered, and expects to recruit up to 50 R&D staff over the next few months. Why Greece? For one thing, three of Tesla’s top electric motor… Read more »

Tesla’s top motor engineer talks about designing a permanent magnet machine for Model 3

Most mainstream EVs from major automakers have used some form of permanent magnet traction motor technology, with two high-profile exceptions: Tesla’s Model S and Model X both use induction motor technology. Internet engineering forums are full of compelling arguments for using both technologies in vehicles, as well as loads of speculation on what drove Tesla… Read more »

Tesla’s new Workplace Charging program offers free charging stations to businesses

Tesla has several different infrastructure initiatives going on, including the Supercharger network, Urban Superchargers, and the Destination Charging network. Now the California trendsetter is adding another piece to the puzzle. Tesla’s new Workplace Charging program is similar to the Destination Charging network, in that it offers free charging stations to businesses, which agree to cover… Read more »

Musk to stay at the wheel of Tesla for another decade

It’s always been understood that Elon Musk would remain in the CEO chair at Tesla until his three-part master plan was realized. “What the world really needs is a great, affordable electric car,” Musk told Bloomberg in 2013. “I’m not going to let anything go, no matter what people offer, until I complete that mission.”… Read more »

Motor Trend compares Bolt, LEAF and Model 3 head-to-head

This is a milestone review – the first head-to-head comparison of three EVs that “really could be your affordable, every-day, one-and-only car” – and Motor Trend assigned it to a star team of electro-journalists. Reviewers Kim Reynolds, Patrick Hong and Alec Brooks have been working with EVs since the days of the EV1 and the… Read more »

New in-depth video review compares Model 3 with Model S

Tesla’s Model 3 is floating in a strange sort of scarcity-induced stealth mode. Mainstream auto mags can’t seem to get their hands on units to review, but video reviews from owners and internet-era citizen journalists are starting to appear: Doug DeMuro, writer of the Oversteer column on Autotrader; Trevor Page and Kenneth Bokor, the founders… Read more »