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Taiwanese startup debuts road-legal electric supercar

The EV revolution is helping to spread the automotive industry all around the globe. XING Mobility is a Taipei-based startup that develops EVs technology through racing. The company, which includes some ex-Tesla engineers, released an electric race car prototype in 2015, and has since developed several EV products aimed at the commercial vehicle market.

The company takes full advantage of Taiwan’s well-developed automotive supply chain – 90% of the parts for its prototype racer were sourced within the island nation.

XING will debut its first road-legal supercar at the upcoming EV Taiwan show. Designed to be at home on the racetrack or on the highway, MISS R features 4 electric motors with total power of 1 megawatt (1,341 hp). She’s a showcase for technology developed in-house by XING, including battery cooling, gearbox and suspension systems.

“Race tracks are where experiments on advanced automobile technologies are constantly tested and pushed to the limit,” reads XING’s web site. “Innumerable advancements in safety, economy, efficiency and comfort in today’s road vehicles came from racing. XING Mobility believes that racing drives innovation, and positions racing as our experimental lab and proving ground to develop technology for tomorrow’s road vehicles.”



Source: XING Mobility

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