Leoni’s bright idea: a lighted charging cable

Leoni secure charging cable

Here’s the latest must-have item that you didn’t know you must have: a lighted charging cable. Leoni, a European provider of automotive cable systems, has developed a new charging cable that is illuminated along its entire length.

The Leoni iEVC visibly tracks charging progress by changing the color of the cable jacket. A driver can see the charge status from a greater distance, and there’s less danger of tripping over the cable in dark areas. The cable can display any color, and is continuously dimmable.

The iEVC system can be used with any vehicle or charging mode. The cable contains no electronics or active lamps, so it’s just as sturdy as conventional charging cables, and no heavier. Leoni says its LED technology is quite energy-efficient, and that the cable is made with bio-based materials and recycled copper.


Source: Leoni


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