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Labelmaster’s DGeo adds lithium battery transport packaging

DGeo, the packaging division of US-based Labelmaster, has expanded its large-format lithium battery packaging solutions to include collapsible, clippable wooden crates.

Part of DGeo’s Obexion line of protective packaging, Obexion MAX crates are UN-certified and offer a repeatable fastening system that delivers a simple and cost-efficient packaging solution for transporting large lithium batteries.

The crates are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble by snapping and unsnapping the wooden pieces together using Clip-Lok metal clips and no screws, bolts or nails. The crates are flat-packed, stackable, and available in seven seizes to optimize warehouse space and shipment savings.

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“Partnering with Action Wood 360 to offer clippable and reusable wood crates as part of our Obexion line of protective packaging allows us to extend our wide range of lithium battery packaging solutions that help companies ship and handle large batteries simply, safely and efficiently,” said John Glaser, Director, Packaging Development, Labelmaster.

Source: Labelmaster


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