Juice Bar’s customizable charging station is a real eye-catcher

As you might guess from the name, Juice Bar’s EV charging stations are meant to be more than just utilitarian pieces of equipment. The Connecticut-based company aims to offer “not just a plug, but a philosophy.”

Juice Bar’s high-visibility commercial chargers were designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks, and incorporate an eye-catching LED-illuminated Juice Bar EV logo. They come in Double (one Level 1 and one Level 2 connection), Quad (two Level 1 and two Level 2) and Level 3 (CHAdeMO and SAE Combo DC fast charging connections) configurations, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor locations. 

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Juice Bar claims to be the most customizable charging station available – owners can modify their Juice Bar to fit their needs, can partner with sponsors and advertisers, and can choose to offer free or fee-based charging. They can also add amenities such as a tire inflation station, commercial vacuum and recycle bins, and can even have a custom-painted mural to really call attention to what the company calls a Green Garage Oasis.

Juice Bar has partnered with Macquarie Equipment Finance to offer a range of flexible terms and payment options. Facility owners can deploy a charging station for as little as $299 per month.


Source: Juice Bar


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