ITT Cannon introduces a liquid-cooled DC charging connector and cable design


The race is on to develop faster charging solutions. Electronics giant ITT (NYSE: ITT), through its Cannon brand, introduced a new DC fast charging system at the recent eCarTec show in Munich.

Cannon’s Cooled Ultra-Fast Charging DC Solution is a liquid-cooled connector and cable design that enables EV charging at a tested level of 400 A at 1,000 V (for comparison, the current CCS standard allows for 400 V, and the latest Tesla Superchargers provide about 335 A at 450 V; Porsche is working on an 800-volt system).

The new Cannon system’s high power density is facilitated by a dielectric cooling liquid that runs from the cable throughout the connector’s contact system. The company has minimized the weight and diameter of the cable, aiming to deliver a flexible, ergonomic and easy-to-use solution.

“One of the main obstacles to widespread adoption of electric vehicles is lengthy charging times,” said Gary Ashurst, VP of ITT’s transportation and industrial business unit. “Our new cooled ultra-fast DC charging system delivers the charge required for 60 miles [of range] within 3 to 5 minutes.”

itt-liquid-cooled-dc-connector-and-cable-design-1-copyITT team based in Weinstadt, Germany

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Source: ITT Cannon


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