Porsche’s new 800-volt fast charger could work with other brands, including Tesla

Porsche 800-volt DC charging 1

The long-range EVs of the future will need much faster charging. The Volkswagen Group has designated Porsche to spearhead the development of a new ultra-fast charging technology. The Germans have demonstrated an 800-volt charging system (double the voltage of the current CCS standard) for the Porsche Mission E concept, which could someday be used for next-gen VW and Audi EVs as well.

In fact, the Porsche power play could have even wider applications, perhaps becoming the basis of a new standard.

“We are in contact with other manufacturers and suppliers around the world to build a fast-charging network,” Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Top Gear. “Everybody has the same need. It sounds easy but getting the details agreed is hard. We already have the clear technical concept. It can even work with Teslas, with an adapter.”

Blume says the new charging system will be available at the same time as the production version of the Mission E, “before the end of this decade.”

Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche has expressed interest in working with Porsche/VW on the new charging system. “We are in talks with them,” he said. “But the next question is do we cooperate on building power stations?”

Tesla has always been open to the possibility of opening its Supercharger network up to other automakers. Last year, the Californians confirmed that they were discussing the issue with European automakers. The latest Superchargers have a capacity of about 145 kW (450 V at 335 A).


Source: Top Gear via Electrek


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