eMotorWerks partners with Autochargers to manufacture co-branded chargers in Canada

Charger manufacturer eMotorWerks (recently acquired by the Enel Group) has announced a partnership with Autochargers.ca to deliver co-branded EV charging solutions throughout Canada. eMotorWerks products will be available through the Autochargers.ca web store and the company’s reseller partners, which include electrical contractors and car dealerships.

The eMotorWerks charging ecosystem includes JuiceBox charging hardware and the cloud-connected JuiceNet software platform, which enables a variety of smart grid features.

Autochargers joins several other platform partners delivering energy applications atop JuiceNet. Other eMotorWerks partnerships include EVSE providers AeroVironment, Volta and Webasto, and the cashless payment solution provider Nayax.

“Scalable EV infrastructure solutions are top of mind for not only utilities, but also partners and advocates of EV adoption,” said Autochargers.ca CEO Gleb Nikiforov. “By utilizing eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet software platform we can deliver a differentiated solution to ensure that drivers are getting the cleanest and lowest cost energy mix possible.”


Source: eMotorWerks

  • EVPerks.com

    Great job EMW!

  • Ormond Otvos

    Nothing about economies of scale…
    prices for Evse are looking like collusion.
    Such little, simple boxes, that cost like a
    washing machine or modern computer.

    • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

      I got my first ‘Modern Computer’ in 1984! it cost (with a 7 Pin Dot Matrix Printer) just under $4,800.00 (and my wages were only about $12.34/Hour at that time – working in Construction!) A PC today, can do about 100,000 times the Processes per second, to a Million+ Times as many, or more, and they cost often under that magical $1,000.00 Price Point. However – my Wages have grown about 4.5X in the same period, so – a PC today, for a $1,000 Price would have been like a $150-$200 Device back then, if you just worked inflation back on my wages, alone!

      So – yes, these relatively low volume EVSE’s are still expensive, due to much lower volume than things like Smart Phones, and even Washing Machines, but the numbers are starting to move up, in production volume, and some comparable EVSE products that not too long ago cost near $2,000.00 or so, are coming down to under $900.00 today!

      I suspect that the next range of drops in EVSE prices will happen around about the time 5-10 Auto Makers are selling about 100,000 EV’s per Year, each, about like what Tesla Alone is doing this year! (Not counting BYD’s Chinese Sales – in that, since they are not selling in Europe or Australia or North America, yet!)

      • Ormond Otvos

        Pie in the sky, bye and bye. I’m talking about the simplicity and low expense to build . I bought a 40 amp Evse new for $317 delivered.

  • brenno

    EMW make some good chargers. The juicenet software looks really neat!

  • Brock Nanson

    When I looked at the Juicebox product line a while ago, it didn’t have the necessary electrical approvals to allow installation in Canada. That was hugely disappointing, because the unit I wanted checked all the other boxes on my list. I sure hope they’ve added the necessary approvals since that time, because we really need the Juicebox as another option up here!