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eMotorWerks partners with Autochargers to manufacture co-branded chargers in Canada

Charger manufacturer eMotorWerks (recently acquired by the Enel Group) has announced a partnership with to deliver co-branded EV charging solutions throughout Canada. eMotorWerks products will be available through the web store and the company’s reseller partners, which include electrical contractors and car dealerships. The eMotorWerks charging ecosystem includes JuiceBox charging hardware and the… Read more »

Giant utility Enel acquires charger manufacturer eMotorWerks

Enel has announced the acquisition of California-based eMotorWerks, which manufactures the JuiceBox line of charging stations and operates JuiceNet, an Internet of Things platform for the smart management of EV charging and distributed energy storage. Enel plans to incorporate the JuiceNet platform’s functionality in all of its EV charging stations. JuiceNet allows users to remotely schedule… Read more »

eMotorWerks increases revenue from utility grid services, reduces prices on EV charging stations

eMotorWerks doesn’t just sell charging stations – the company’s JuiceNet platform offers a range of smart charging features that benefit not only EV drivers but also grid operators and utilities, which can use EVs as a resource to improve load distribution and grid stability. The company has succeeded in monetizing the services it offers to… Read more »

An Airbnb for charging stations?

California owners of charging stations enabled with eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet smart-grid charging technology will soon have the capability to rent out charging time on their stations, using a peer-to-peer (P2P) network powered by MotionWerk’s Share&Charge platform. The Share&Charge mobile app connects EV drivers with available residential and commercial EV charging stations and facilitates blockchain-based payments from… Read more »

eMotorWerks enables EV drivers to charge with solar energy

San Francisco-based eMotorWerks provides a variety of cloud-connected smart-grid charging solutions. The newest release of the company’s JuiceNet platform enables owners of solar arrays to coordinate smart EV charging with their solar generation. JuiceNet Solar “uses algorithms and charging controls to match the charging speed of any number of JuiceNet-connected EVs to second-by-second solar production.”… Read more »

AeroVironment and eMotorWerks team up to offer new charging features

Charging station manufacturer AeroVironment (NASDAQ: AVAV) is teaming up with eMotorWerks, a provider of cloud-connected smart-grid charging solutions. AeroVironment will integrate eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet charging platform into its line of consumer and OEM chargers. JuiceNet-enabled AeroVironment charging solutions will offer new features such as smartphone, web and voice control over charging, real-time and historic energy usage… Read more »

eMotorWerks’ new networked portable charging cord and 75-amp home charger

eMotorWerks specializes in intelligent smart-grid-enabled charging solutions. Its JuicePlug is a universal EVSE adapter that can convert an existing “dumb EVSE” into a smart one, with app- and web-based control. The latest additions to eMotorWerks’ product line are designed to allow portable EVSE to connect to the cloud, and to accommodate ever-higher charging levels. JuiceCord… Read more »

eMotorWerks adapter converts any Level 2 charger into a smart charging station

eMotorWerks specializes in cloud-based technology that connects charging hardware to smart-grid applications. The company’s latest product is a universal charging station adapter that can add its smartphone and web interfaces to any existing non-networked charging station. JuicePlug manages the time and rate of charging in coordination with eMotorWerks’ cloud-based JuiceNet smart-grid charging platform, which controls… Read more »

ClipperCreek charging stations incorporate eMotorWerks smart grid charging platform

EV charging stations are getting connected, allowing users to remotely manage charging, and utilities to take advantage of demand response capabilities. The market for EVSE communications tech is expected to take off like an EV on an onramp. The Californian company eMotorWerks includes considerable connectivity capabilities in its JuiceBox line of chargers, and now offers… Read more »

EV charging and distributed energy sources meet in the cloud

EV charging solution provider eMotorWerks has incorporated OSIsoft’s PI System within its cloud-based Smart[Grid] charging platform. The collaboration aims to streamline data flows between EV charging networks and providers of energy resources on the grid. OSIsoft’s PI System aggregates data from electrical utilities, Independent Service Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs), while eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet… Read more »