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E-magy raises €20.5 million for high-energy battery material scaling

E-magy, a Dutch advanced material firm, has secured €20.5 million to prepare for industrial-scale production of its silicon anode material in response to rising demand for high-energy batteries.

Replacing graphite with silicon in the anode has several benefits, but current silicon-dominant EV batteries swell and crack when charged and discharged often. E-magy has developed a nanoscale porous silicon material that prevents batteries from expanding and breaking by confining the swelling within the nanopores. The material provides 40% higher energy density and enables faster charging than graphite anode materials, the company said. This technology is compatible with existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes and industrial equipment and employs cheap, plentiful metallurgical-grade silicon.

Industrial businesses Hydro, Invest-NL, Rubio, SHIFT Invest and PDENH invested €15 million in E-magy and Dutch National Growth Fund program NXTGEN HIGHTECH has awarded the company a €5.5-million subsidy.

“E-magy’s innovative material emits up to six times less carbon dioxide in production of the material. It will enable the battery of an EV to be lighter and smaller, reducing weight of the car, reducing energy usage, and reducing emissions associated with the energy production to charge the car,” said Helmer Schukken, Managing Partner at Rubio Impact Ventures.

Source: E-magy


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