Driivz provides a charging management platform to revamp Estonia’s fast charging network

Back in 2013, Charged reported on Estonia’s deployment of a nationwide charging network, one of Europe’s first, and a state-of-the art achievement at the time. Alas, the network soon fell behind the times—the chargers weren’t networked, and weren’t compatible with industry standards. Maintenance faltered, and the driver charging experience was generally poor.

Now a local firm called Enefit VOLT has acquired the network from the Estonian government, and has selected Tel Aviv-based charging platform provider Driivz to optimize its network operations and upgrade the charging experience. The rejuvenated network will feature charging stations no further than 60 km apart across the entire country.

“We were looking for a vendor with a strong background across Europe and in the United States, and after closely evaluating a range of EV charging management platforms, we chose Driivz,” said Kert Pääbo, Business Development Manager of Eesti Energia, parent company of Enefit VOLT. “Driivz helped us migrate the old back-end system and implement a new holistic, robust EV charging management platform. Driivz also provided white-label, driver-facing solutions that allowed us to launch the new Enefit VOLT brand at the same time.”

Enefit VOLT uses the Driivz operator portal, which provides insights about the entire charging network, drivers, and vehicles, allowing field engineers and call center operators to make real-time decisions. Driivz also provides 24/7 automated issue detection, and self-healing algorithms are designed to automatically address most operational problems. Analytics-driven insights from the dashboard allow management to determine the next areas of focus.

EV drivers on the Enefit VOLT network use the Driivz-enabled mobile app for navigation, charging reservations and payments.

“Total uptime has improved significantly since we implemented Driivz. It provides transparency into what is going on, letting us act proactively. Driivz experience in the field has helped us make better decisions with our infrastructure,” continued Mr. Pääbo.

Source: Driivz


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