Does Manhattan really have more Tesla charging stations than gas stations?

Tesla Destination Charger

Here’s a fun fact courtesy of the tabloid New York Post (and corroborated by more – shall we say – widely-quoted news outlets, including the Times and WNYC): Manhattan now has more public EV charging stations than gas stations. A lot more – in fact, fossil fuel pumps are outnumbered by Tesla-branded chargers alone.

Tesla has been aggressively installing chargers in urban parking garages. At last count, there were over 105 Tesla chargers in Manhattan, and 68 parking garages featured the company’s “destination chargers.” By September, Tesla says there will be a charging station every three blocks.

Until recently, Tesla was installing chargers mostly at hotels and restaurants, spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson told The Post. “However, in an effort to tackle the need for urban charging, we expanded the program and partnered with public garages.”

“A year ago, the garages were saying, ‘Whoa, what’s this thing?’ ” says Model S driver Paul Gardi. “But now, they know what to do – you can just leave it and say, ‘Plug it in,’ and come back in an hour.”

At the same time that charging infrastructure has been growing, gas stations in Manhattan have been disappearing – not because there’s any less demand for dinosaur juice, but because soaring real estate prices make them uneconomical.

According to The Post, there are now around 40 gas stations in the city, and the number is falling as developers continue to raze them to build more lucrative residential buildings.


Sources: New York Post, New York Times, WNYC, The Awl

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