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Chevrolet unveils photos of new Menlo electric utility vehicle

Western EV fans were exhilarated to read about the upcoming launch of the Chevrolet Menlo – the US and European markets badly need more electric crossover and SUV options. Alas, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we learned that, once again, this new EV will be sold only in China.

CarNewsChina describes the Menlo as “a mixture between an MPV, wagon, and crossover,” and reports that it’s based on the same platform as the Buick Velite 6. The Menlo will be built in China by the SAIC-GM joint venture, and will use a locally sourced powertrain, including a 174 hp motor. It’s expected to debut at the Chengdu Auto Show in September.

We know that GM is working on a “utility” version of the Bolt. In October 2017, the company announced an “All-Electric Path to Zero Emissions” that envisioned the launch of 20 new pure EVs by 2023. It also promised to “introduce two new all-electric vehicles based off learnings from the Chevrolet Bolt EV” within the next 18 months, a target date that has, shall we say, slipped by a few months, as Electrek reports (although, to be precise, GM never said that any of the promised EVs would be available in the US).

Electrek also tells us that GM filed for a trademark on the term “Bolt EUV” earlier this year. The tea leaves indicate that the Buick-based Menlo will be the Chinese version of the beefier Bolt, and that GM will produce another version, based on the Bolt platform, for the North American market.

Source: CarNewsChina via Electrek


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