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Independent experts confirm NOVONIX’s life-cycle assessment of synthetic graphite product

NOVONIX has announced that a life-cycle assessment of its GX-23 synthetic anode graphite product has been reviewed and confirmed by independent experts as compliant with ISO-14040:2006 and ISO-14044:2006 standards. Minviro, a sustainable mining specialist, performed the life-cycle assessment. According to NOVONIX, the “GX-23 synthetic anode graphite Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) clearly demonstrated an approximate 60%… Read more »

NOVONIX aims to reduce mining emissions with its GX-23 synthetic graphite product

Based on a life-cycle assessment being performed by sustainable mining specialist Minviro, NOVONIX says preliminary results suggest that its GX-23 synthetic graphite anode product generates a 60% decrease in CO2 emissions compared to graphite mining in two areas of China. The unfinished life-cycle assessment, which has not been subjected to third-party peer review, compared GX-23… Read more »

NGen invests $1.3 million in NOVONIX for cathode facility in Nova Scotia

Lithium-ion battery firm NOVONIX has received 1.675 million Canadian dollars ($1.3 million US) from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) as part of a larger investment in building a battery development and manufacturing facility in Nova Scotia. According to NOVONIX, “The new facility will play a key role in building a Canadian battery materials supply chain,… Read more »

Oil giant Phillips 66 makes strategic investment in battery material supplier Novonix

Multinational oil giants are beginning to invest in companies in several different sectors of the EV industry. Phillips 66 has announced plans to acquire a 16% stake in Novonix, a supplier of materials, equipment and services for the battery industry. Phillips 66 will reportedly pay a total purchase price of $150 million, and will nominate… Read more »

Novonix expands anode materials business

Novonix has announced its plan for the next phase of growth for Novonix Anode Materials in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Novonix is under contract to purchase a building formerly owned by Alstom, which it plans to retrofit. The 400,000-square-foot plant, the company’s second facility in Chattanooga, will accommodate a planned 8,000-ton-per-year production operation. This phase of growth… Read more »

Tesla’s Advanced Battery Research group gets new leadership, Jeff Dahn to become advisor for Novonix

Professor Jeff Dahn is a star researcher in the battery field—he has co-authored 730 papers and holds some 73 patents. Professor Dahn and his research group at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia have had an exclusive research partnership with Tesla since 2016. Now Professor Dahn is stepping down from his leadership role at Tesla’s… Read more »

Battery testing start-up Novonix has spun off PUREgraphite to manufacture anode material in the US

Batteries are ubiquitous in our modern lives. Take a look around you and count how many items need be plugged in and recharged. If you’re at your desk, the answer might be four or five. If you’re out for a run, perhaps two or three. If you’re in a garage, there may only be one,… Read more »

Novonix launches battery testing system for non-destructive electrolyte analysis

Novonix, a battery testing equipment manufacturer, is launching a differential thermal analysis system capable of non-destructive electrolyte analysis of Li-ion cells. To better understand battery failure, the system measures and monitors the evolution of the liquid electrolyte over a battery’s lifetime and provides information about its composition, quantity, salt consumption and solvent reactions. Thermal signature… Read more »