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Efacec expands and upgrades its line of smart chargers

Portuguese charger manufacturer Efacec Power Solutions recently presented several new products and upgrades to existing lines. Efacec’s Level 2 Public Charger offers power levels from 11 kVA to 22 kVA, the ability to charge two EVs at once, smart charging features, over-the-air software updates, and optional payment terminal integration. With the latest generation, the company… Read more »

Efacec supplying 90 350-kW chargers in Central Europe

Charging network operator Allego has chosen Efacec to supply and install 90 ultra-fast chargers in Central Europe over the next two years. This contract is part of a larger project from an Allego-led consortium to create an ultra-fast charging network in Europe. As part of the deal, Efacec will supply the HV350, a cooled-cable 350… Read more »

Efacec installs Monaco’s first ultra-fast charger at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel

Monaco utility SMEG has chosen Portugal-based charger manufacturer Efacec to install an ultra-fast charger, the first of its kind in Monaco, at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. The charger can handle power levels up to 160 kW, and can charge EVs at voltages up to 920 V. Efacec works in Europe, Asia, and the… Read more »

Efacec launches second-gen DC fast charger

Portuguese energy company Efacec has launched a new fast charger called QC45 Generation 2, improving on the company’s first-generation QC45. Features of the QC45 Generation 2 include: • Compatibility with all brands of EVs • Zero to 80 percent charge in under 30 minutes • Plug and play installation • 50 kW DC power •… Read more »

ITT Cannon supplies liquid-cooled 350 kW charging tech to Efacec

ITT’s Cannon brand has signed an extended contract with Portugal-based charger manufacturer Efacec Electric Mobility. The two companies have a long-standing partnership, and now Efacec plans to use Cannon’s High-Power Charging (HPC) solution, comprised of a connector, cable and cooling unit, to power highway charging stations in the US and Europe. Cannon’s liquid-cooled DC charging… Read more »

Electrify America selects vendors for fast charging network

Electrify America, the EVSE network founded by VW as part of its penance for the Dirty Diesel Debacle, has selected several vendors to install DC fast chargers at new stations across the US. Some of these will offer power levels up to 350 kW, delivering 20 miles of range per minute of charge, seven times… Read more »

Efacec’s mobile charging solution fits in a towable container

Efacec has developed a mobile fast charger that’s built into a towable 20-foot container. The system can charge three vehicles simultaneously, and can be fed through the local electrical grid or by a generator. The container includes three HV350 charger units, as well as a power management system. It provides output voltage up to 920… Read more »

Efacec installing chargers with up to 350 kW of power

Portuguese EVSE manufacturer Efacec is building and installing chargers aimed at the new generation of long-range EVs, with output power of up to 350 kW. Efacec had sold 44 High Power units of its HV range as of December. The HV range includes models with different power levels, including 50, 160, 175 and 350 kW,… Read more »

Which companies are the top DC Fast Charger manufacturers?

DC Fast Charging addresses the EV’s greatest drawback, allowing drivers to conveniently add range and making long road trips possible. That’s why fast chargers are popping up like mushrooms along major highways around the world, and the market’s rapid growth is bound to continue. But which manufacturers are supplying most of the hardware? Plugshare’s popular… Read more »

ROEV Association brings together major players to promote charging network interoperability

Many services that we enjoy in the modern world are provided by a patchwork of local or regional companies, and they depend on some sort of national or international network to provide a seamless experience for consumers. The classic examples are mobile phones and ATMs, but there are many other examples (long distance telephony, airlines,… Read more »