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WAFIOS’s bending machine produces the complex geometries of busbars

Wire and tube-working machine manufacturer WAFIOS is offering a bending machine for producing the complex geometries of profiled parts and busbars. “The intention was to establish a more economic and more flexible production method for busbars on the market,” says the company.

The BMF 60 is CNC-controlled, and is capable of a straightening, bending and cutting process as well as an insulation stripping and cutting process. “The latest patent-pending technologies have been incorporated in this machine in order to bend complex parts with the tightest radii and distortions,” says the company.

The BMF 60 uses a CO2 laser system to strip insulation from the ends of parts. “Those areas of the component of which the insulation shall be stripped off can be selected via the control software WPS 3.2 EasyWay.”

WAFIOS says: “Simulation software for flat material has been developed for the BMF 60 in order to check the feasibility and cycle time of production orders before they are started.”

Source: WAFIOS

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