Tritium introduces PKM fast charging product line with PKM150

Australia-based charger manufacturer Tritium has introduced the PKM150 fast charging system, which is designed to save space and lower costs. It’s part of the new PKM product line, which will be available worldwide.

According to Tritium, the PKM150 reduces the amount of equipment needed at a charging site, because the chargers at a site all share a 950 V DC microgrid. The company says that, compared to a 400 V AC system, its 950 V DC microgrid shrinks the gauge of cables by half, which then lowers the cost of the charging station.

Tritium’s PKM150 shares up to 80% of its components with the earlier RTM charging station. It is liquid-cooled and features a modular layout. The PKM line includes dual-cable 50 kW, 100 kW and 150 kW charging stations.

“One of the biggest challenges in the EV charging industry right now is increasing utilization without increasing driver waiting times. Operating and capital costs are traditionally proportional to peak power requirements, yet the revenue our customers generate comes from average power delivery,” said Tritium co-founder and Chief Growth Officer David Finn. “The PKM provides a new, distributed architecture that delivers unique site capital efficiency and scalability.”

Source: Tritium


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