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Scania introduces range of electric trucks

Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, has announced a pair of new plug-in trucks: a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric model.

Both versions are offered with L- and P-series cabs, and can be configured for general cargo, temperature-controlled transport, or for specialty applications such as hooklifts, tippers, concrete mixers, refuse collectors and fire and rescue vehicles.

The fully electric truck can be configured with five batteries, for a total capacity of 165 kWh, or nine batteries, for 300 kWh. Maximum range is 250 km. One battery sits in the former engine tunnel, and the remaining four or eight are placed along the side of the chassis. A 230 kW electric motor delivers 310 hp and 2,200 Nm of torque.

CCS fast charging is standard, at rates up to 130 kW. Scania says charging time from 0 to 80 percent is approximately 40 minutes for the five-battery option and approximately 65 minutes for the nine-battery option.

The PHEV truck has three batteries, with total capacity of 90 kWh, and features a 115 kW electric motor along with a 280-360 hp combustion engine. Electric range is 60 km.

“We will over the coming years annually launch electric vehicles for the entire product range, and we are presently reorganizing our production towards that end,” says Scania CEO Henrik Henriksson. “In a few years’ time, we will also introduce long-distance electric trucks adapted for fast charging during drivers’ compulsory 45-minute rest periods.”

“Although electrified vehicles in certain aspects represent a new technology, we’ve taken all possible steps to ensure that we apply the same unwavering uptime criteria as for our other trucks,” says Anders Lampinen, Director, New Technologies. “Scania signifies premium quality and needless to say that characterises our electrified trucks as well.”

Source: Scania


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