Nuvve activates V2G school bus project in New York

San Diego-based V2G specialist Nuvve has begun operation of a V2G pilot in White Plains, New York. The batteries on five electric school buses, built by Lion Electric, are now providing power to Con Edison’s grid.

The charging and discharging takes place at a depot in North White Plains. When plugged in, Nuvve’s V2G platform determines the optimal time to charge according to when rates are lowest. On nights and weekends, when the buses are parked and not in use, the system reverses the flow of power, and 10 kilowatts from each bus flows into the grid.

The goal of the project is to explore the technological and economic potential of using e-buses on a wider scale to improve air quality and grid reliability.

Nuvve’s V2G software platform ensures that the energy delivered to the buses is prioritized to enable them to make their daily driving routes, while still delivering grid services when needed. V2G enables the e-buses to generate revenue from grid services, which can offset the higher up-front cost of the buses. These savings help make e-buses more attractive to school districts and bus operators.

School schedules match up well with the power needs of Con Edison’s 3.5 million customers. School buses are generally idle during the summer, when the demand for power rises due to increased use of air conditioning. Discharging power from a sufficient number of electric buses into the grid at these times of high demand would take stress off Con Edison’s distribution equipment, and increase grid resilience.

“Our V2G software platform is designed to deliver grid services to Con Edison from electric school buses,” said Nuvve CEO Gregory Poilasne. “The electric buses provide a cleaner environment for communities and help lower CO2 emissions while ensuring that driving energy needs are met every day.”

“We think electric school buses may provide an opportunity to achieve two of our company’s goals: reducing carbon emissions and maintaining our industry-leading reliability,” said Brian Ross, Con Edison’s manager for the project. “We are innovating to help our state and region achieve a clean energy future in which electric vehicles will have a big role.”

Meanwhile, Nuvve has announced plans to go public through a merger agreement with Newborn Acquisition (Nasdaq: NBAC).

Source: Nuvve Corporation

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