Noodoe announces three new technologies for managing EV fleet charging

Charging management provider Noodoe has announced three new technologies for managing EV fleet charging: Autonomous Service Delivery, Intelligent Load Management and Smart Scheduling.

Noodoe EV OS is a cloud-based operating platform designed to serve as a charging network’s “central brain.” The system automates charging service delivery, peak-hour price adjustment, transaction billing, payment processing, infrastructure diagnostics and intelligent energy management.

Noodoe’s Autonomous Service Delivery, powered by the Noodoe EV OS, ensures that each vehicle will be charged and ready to drive at a specified time. EV fleet managers can centrally manage and monitor their charging stations, and access control ensures that only authorized employees can charge the vehicles.

Noodoe’s Intelligent Load Management is designed to allow the expansion of EV fleets without upgrades to existing electrical infrastructure. Smart Scheduling charges the vehicles when utility rates are low, executing the optimal charging strategy to minimize costs.

“With Noodoe, EV Fleet managers can now be confident that all their vehicles are ready to roll,” said Jennifer Chang, CEO of Noodoe. “Our Intelligent Load Management and autonomous operation keep your fleet ready, your costs low and your focus on other things besides your equipment.”

Source: Noodoe


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