Indianapolis buses to use wireless inductive charging

EV charging company Momentum Dynamics has partnered with BYD and Indianapolis Public Transportation (IndyGo) to install three 300 kW inductive charging points in Indianapolis.

The charging points will be placed along the Red Line transit route, enabling IndyGo’s fleet of 31 electric buses to charge en route.

Momentum Dynamic currently operates wireless inductive chargers in four states. According to the company, the IndyGo system is the highest capacity system of its kind in the world.

IndyGo CEO Mike Terry said, “IndyGo is focused on embracing innovations that improve service reliability, reduce carbon emissions, and increase operational efficiency. The partnership between BYD and Momentum Dynamics to install a wireless inductive charging solution promises to extend the range of BYD buses on the Red Line.”

Momentum Dynamics CEO and founder Andrew Daga said, “We are moving toward an electric transportation future, and Indianapolis is leading the pack both nationally and globally. As public transit agencies transition fleets to electric vehicles, they see substantial economic and environmental benefits with on-route wireless charging technology.”

Source: BYD

  • wowlfie

    The more the merrier. I can see all buses in the world being electric by 2040. Just no excuse to have any ICE buses. None at all.

  • yulong zhu

    how about the charging speed of wireless charging?Will it be faster than charging with cable?

  • Stuart McColl

    Once again … Charged Magazine fails to report the truth … instead reporting fraud as truth. The article reports the nonsense “Momentum Dynamics currently operates wireless inductive systems in 4 states.” But … if it were so well known they would tell us which states and where these phantom systems are installed. I’ve followed up on this nonsense reported before and found Municipal companies reported to have the systems installed laughing it all off with no systems installed. Wireless inductive charging is a fraud … and it’s about time Charged Magazine reports the truth … rather than hurt our industry by reporting fraud as truth.