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Idaho transit agency buys eight Proterra buses and charging stations

Idaho’s Valley Regional Transit (VRT) will purchase eight Proterra Catalyst 35-foot E2 electric buses and eight Proterra 125 kW charging systems. VRT is the first transit agency in Idaho to purchase electric buses, according to Proterra. With the new order, about one fourth of the agency’s fleet will be electric.

Funding for the electric buses came from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Low or No Emissions Program Grants. VRT will lease the bus batteries through Proterra, which will provide a 12-year warranty for battery performance and capacity, including the installation of new batteries at mid-life.

Proterra CEO Ryan Popple said, “By lowering the upfront costs of electric buses to be competitively priced against diesel, battery leasing removes one of the biggest barriers to adoption and empowers transit agencies to adopt and deploy larger EV fleets.”

VRT Executive Director Kelli Badesheim said, “Battery-electric buses are better for the environment and offer a better rider experience for our community.”

Source: Proterra\


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