Hubject partners with four Chinese network operators, adding 35,000 chargers to its eRoaming network

Hubject, the Berlin-based company that has developed an interoperability platform for EV chargers, has signed agreements with Chinese charging network operators CarEnergyNet, YKCharge, EVCDX, and Kakuka, adding more than 35,000 chargers to its eRoaming network.

Based in southern China’s Shenzhen, CarEnergyNet operates nearly 10,000 charging points. YKCharge, headquartered in central China, has deployed more than 2,000 charging points themselves and operates more than 25,000 charging points as a PaaS provider. EVCDX, located in Beijing, currently offers more than 250 charging points. Shanghai’s Kakuka has deployed more than 100 charging points in the city and provides hardware and charging solutions to third-party vendors.

Since entering the Chinese market in July 2018, Hubject has added more than 35,000 charging points to its global charging network.

Hubject CEO Christian Hahn said, “Both in scale and speed, China is electrifying the transport sector faster than anywhere else in the world. Therefore, China is very important for offering our eRoaming platform and services on a global scale. Hubject has the experience and market knowledge to develop and support conditions for interoperability between charging networks in China, and also to offer our services anywhere that electric vehicles will be.”

Source: Hubject


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