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Webinar: How scalable is your battery test lab?

As EV adoption grows, time-to-market shrinks, and customer expectations increase, the need to scale up test operations is becoming one of the most significant challenges EV engineers need to overcome. Quickly adding test capacity, managing distributed assets, avoiding unnecessary test re-runs, and getting actionable insights from battery test data are a must-have. To effectively achieve the scale needed to produce millions of battery modules and packs, engineers, test facilities, and the test itself need to perform at their best. 

This session will discuss how NI’s approach to battery test helps you achieve scale by increasing the performance of: ​

  • Engineering teams: to improve design-to-test collaboration and make data-driven decisions to help them deliver results, on time 
  • Test facilities: to maximize equipment utilization, traceability of results, and repeatability of test, from one to hundreds of test cells, at the lowest possible cost

Finally, we’ll see how NI’s lifecycle analytics helps engineers better understand their batteries so they can better ensure quality and performance.

The webinar, hosted by Charged on Aug 10th at 1:00 PM EDT, is now available on-demand.

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