Fermata receives UL certification for vehicle-to-grid EV charging system

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has announced that Fermata Energy’s bidirectional EV charging system is the first in the world to be certified to a new North American safety standard, UL 9741. The standard covers bidirectional equipment that charges EVs from an electric power system (EPS) and also allows the vehicle to export power to an EPS, potentially enabling EV owners to earn money by helping to stabilize the electric power grid when the vehicles are parked.

“By unlocking the full potential of electric vehicles, Fermata Energy is helping to accelerate the shift to more electric vehicle usage,” said Fermata founder and CEO David Slutzky. “We believe bidirectional energy solutions such as Fermata Energy’s V2G system will play an important role in reducing energy costs, improving grid resilience and combating climate change.”

Source: UL

  • freedomev

    Price and power would be nice.
    This is the future of EVs as an income source while parked.
    Since a 200 mile EV can handle 2 days of transport and home needs in most cases.
    With so many of them, home battery, generation with solar, wind, chp, will in 20 yrs together, dominate the grid for storage, generation at $.05/kwh RETAIL.

    • Stephanie McGreevy

      Is losing the vehicle’s battery life of concern? Battery replacements are very expensive and if V2G reduces the life, is the compensation from the utility worth it?

      • freedomev

        Not really as my experience , I sell them for a living, use them in my, other’s EVs, life in most, not all, is 20 yrs +.
        And higher mileage packs are more likely to die from not being used enough according to the data on Tesla, my experience on Volt/LG modules and knowledge of the others. So good likely the BMS electronics will likely kill a pack first, not cell capacity.
        And yes the price/income of on demand power easily pays it’s way especially using the 30-80% of the pack range where most have unlimited cycles.
        Use a lot in places with high or TOU power rates and can pay for the EV in 5 yrs!!

  • bob

    How about pricing? What kind of payback is expected, based on average electric rates?
    Having a Tesla would mean I could sell back a fair amount each day during peak demand and pricing.