Electrify Home’s new HomeStation Level 2 charger

Electrify Home, the home charging division of Electrify America, has released its fastest Level 2 home charger to date.

The new HomeStation offers 9.6 kW of power at 40 amps, and can be installed in a 40- 32- or 16-amp configuration. Choosing the appropriate amperage may help to avoid an expensive upgrade to a home’s electrical panel. The new charger is now on sale at the Electrify Home web store for $649.

The HomeStation can be installed indoors or outdoors, and includes a 24-foot charging cable and a 3-year limited warranty. It can be plugged into an existing outlet using a NEMA 14-50 style plug, or hardwired by an electrician. Electrify Home offers third-party installation packages starting at $695.

HomeStation customers will be able to use the Electrify America app for all their home and public charging needs. The HomeStation’s WiFi features let users sync their charger with the app, which can be used to start and stop charging sessions remotely, schedule future charging sessions, and view charging status. Users can keep track of all their charging history—whether at Electrify America’s public network or using the HomeStation—in one app.

Source: Electrify America

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