Circontrol’s new 25 kW compact fast chargers

EVSE provider Circontrol has launched a new range of 25 kW fast chargers. The company’s eVolve Rapid wallboxes and posts are designed to offer a DC fast charging solution within the compact, space-saving enclosure of a typical Level 2 charger.

“The eVolve Rapid range will bring fast charging to smaller private sites lacking the space and high power required to install other larger charging stations with increased power,” says Circontrol.

The eVolve Rapid range is aimed at private fleets, repair shops, car-sharing companies, and private car parks that do not require smart chargers. Circontrol says that it will soon add the option of combining several units with a master unit that centralizes smart capabilities, controls the grid, and manages charging.

The new eVolve Rapid range supports the new Plug and Charge standard, which allows users to authenticate and begin charging with no need for an RFID card or a smartphone app. Users can only interact with the charger using two buttons: start and stop. It also has a light indicator to show charging status.

Like Circontrol’s Raption 100 and other recent products, the new range is designed to charge using a very broad voltage scale (from 200 to 920 V), so it is capable of charging anything from small EVs to heavy vehicles such as electric buses and trucks.

Source: Circontrol


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