Circontrol’s new Raption 100 kW fast charger

EVSE manufacturer Circontrol has launched a 100 kW fast charger, the Raption 100. The new model retains the design and most of the features of its predecessor, the Raption 50, which Circontrol introduced three years ago.

Circontrol’s Raption chargers use a modular architecture, which allows for scalable power levels of 25 kW, 50 kW or 100 kW, depending on contracted power and installation requirements. The modular construction also may deliver more uptime, because if one of the modules fails, the others will keep working.

The Raption 100, which is aimed at public sites such as restaurants, gas stations, shopping centers, airports and intercity areas, preserves the compact external appearance of the previous model, and also shares its connector locking feature and floating cable design, which is designed to make the device safer and reduce maintenance costs. Just like the 50 kW model, the Raption 100 has an 8-inch color touch screen, language selection, courtesy light and integrated contactless card payment system.

Also like the previous model, the Raption 100 can function as a Master in multi-point installations, combining DC and AC charging. This solution is designed to minimize initial investment and maintenance costs when several chargers are required, and can also deliver energy savings, as the Master device distributes the available power according to the number of charge points in use.

Source: Circontrol

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