BRUSA upgrades its NLG664 onboard fast charger

Brusa NLG6

Swiss auto component maker BRUSA Elektronik has given its NLG664 onboard fast charger a performance upgrade. The NLG664 is now available with 45-65 Hz input frequency and 30 A single-phase current capability.

The flexible input frequency means that the NLG664 can now be operated in countries (such as the US) that use 60 Hz AC frequency.

BRUSA says its NLG664 can charge a typical EV battery in less than one hour using 3-phase AC current of up to 22 kW, and also offers the option to charge at up to 7 kW from a single-phase AC outlet.

Features include:

  • Full separation of mains and battery through galvanic isolation
  • No DC-fault current, therefore the use of a Class A ground fault interrupter is possible
  • Dual CAN interface: Vehicle CAN and Diagnostic CAN
  • Low battery ripple current
  • Virtually no Total Harmonic Distortion




Source: BRUSA via Green Car Congress