Blink charging stations to be restored to 30-Amp capacity

Florida-based CarCharging, which inherited the Blink public charging network from bankrupt ECOtality, has announced plans to upgrade its chargers, restoring the amperage from 24 Amps to its maximum capacity of 30 Amps.

About two years ago, users began to report of problems with Blink level 2 charging stations at power levels above 3.3 kW. ECOtality determined that the problem was the cord set, which could overheat or melt at a current level of 30 Amps, so it decided to reduce the amperage of the chargers to 24 Amps.

Now CarCharging has eliminated the issue with a new cord set. “After exhaustive research and testing, CarCharging has selected TE Connectivity as the new supplier for the cord set for the Blink charging stations,” said the company in a press release. “TE provides the cord sets for GE, SemaConnect, Schneider, and other EV Charging station suppliers.”

“All Blink Level II EV chargers that are now sold and/or deployed will include the new cord set and will provide the maximum unit amperage of 30 Amps.  CarCharging also intends to replace the cord sets on all installed chargers in commercial locations and then restore the amperage to its maximum capacity (30 Amps).”

“Since the acquisition of the Blink related assets, CarCharging has been committed to improving the overall performance of the Blink EV charging stations and, specifically, the replacement of the Rema cord sets on the Blink Level II EV chargers,” said Michael D. Farkas, Founder and CEO of CarCharging. “We are confident that the cord sets from TE will support the Blink Level II EV charging stations in performing at their maximum capacity and allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles more rapidly.”


Source: CarCharging, InsideEVs

  • mitchyow

    I have been far less than impressed with the blink charging network in and around Phoenix. Most existing chargers don’t work. They either have melted screens from the sun or the cords have been cut off. Recently I was on hold with blink for twenty minutes only to be told they could not help me at that time. I was in front of a Kohls were they had five chargers, four had the cables cut off, the fifth did not work so I called and sat on hold all for knot!

    Also recently I went to AZ TechCelerator in Surprise were two blink units set unused, they both have screens that have been melted by the sun, then went to Surprise City Hall were another two blink units collecting dust, neither unit worked.

    Several weeks ago I was in Scottsdale needing a charge and went to three locations before finding a blink charger that worked and then it was limited to 16amps. Sure hope the new owners of this very sick network can turn things around. To start with they need a major tune up of their customer service.

  • jstack6

    It’s been hard for car charging, I’ve seen vandalized units at many sites and they have to replace them.The existing cords that could not handle the power was another problem they took on.
    As to the screen that don’t work they have software that auto starts after 20 seconds once you swipe your card. You can also use the Blink Application and not even use your card or have to touch the screen.
    It’s not perfect but with over 500 locations in the Phoenix area we are blessed. Volta also has FREE locations and is adding more, Charge Point have all the new sites like SkyWater across from the Tempe Peforming arts center on Tempe Town lake. We even have a few GE WattStations at Intel locations and a few GOE3 locations that can do J-1772, CHAdeMO and SAE-Combo. It gets better everyday =D——————–Plugin. share the news.

    • leptoquark

      Also, I know of a pair of Blink EVSE’s that have smashed screens, but still work. Don’t be put off by a smashed screen. Plug it in, even if it looks dead, you may be surprised!

      They’re at