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AllCell Technologies launches new battery solutions for e-bikes and pallet jacks

AllCell Technologies presented a couple of new lithium-ion battery solutions at this week’s Battery Show in Michigan.

AllCell’s Summit line of premium e-bike batteries is available as a stand-alone product for OEMs, retailers, and consumers. Summit offers both 36- and 48-volt versions and capacity options of up to 17 Ah. Its down-tube mounting location provides flexibility to support front hub, mid-drive, and rear hub motors across a range of power and drive-range requirements.

A proprietary battery management system provides the Summit with CANbus communication capabilities to support functions such as programmable operation and configurable communication parameters. The removable battery includes a mounting rail and standard connectors (Rosenberger and XLR), making it a fit for most motor brands, conversions, and replacements.

AllCell’s batteries use a proprietary thermal management system that improves battery cycle life and safety. It relies on phase change material (PCM), a graphite composite material that absorbs and distributes heat through the battery pack to avoid hotspots and limit maximum temperature.

AllCell has partnered with Applied Energy Solutions to launch the Superion, a new lithium-ion battery system for pallet jacks that offers significant improvements over lead-acid batteries, including faster charging times, smaller size, lower weight, and improved efficiency.

Faster and more efficient charging allows operators to do away with extra batteries and battery swapping equipment, and to save money on electrical bills. Lithium-ion batteries are also virtually maintenance-free, because the electrolyte level does not need to be monitored. The modular Superion system offers options ranging from 5.4 kWh to 10.8 kWh.


Source: AllCell Technologies, Green Car Congress

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