Accell’s AxFAST portable EV charger works at 120 or 240 volts

Sometimes you need to charge on the go, and while public chargers are steadily becoming more common, the sad truth is that they are often occupied or out of order, or just won’t work for unknown reasons. Most plug-in vehicles come with a Level 1 charging cable, but wouldn’t it convenient to have a portable charger that can use any 120-volt or 240-volt outlet?

Apparently a lot of EV drivers think so, because Accell conducted extensive consumer market research before launching its new AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger, which sports a J1772 charging plug, and charges at a range of 90 to 135 V (Level 1) or 190 to 250 V (Level 2).

At 16 A/240 V, the AxFAST delivers a power level of 3.84 kW.

The AxFAST isn’t just a portable charger – it comes with a mounting bracket that allows it to be attached to a wall and removed any time you need to take it on the road. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, and comes with a 24.6-foot cable and a carrying case.

We personally tested the AxFAST with a couple of different plug-in vehicles, and it works like a charm.

The best charging stations (but by no means all of those on the market) are certified for electrical safety by independent testing organizations. Accell has submitted the AxFAST to UL for safety testing, and certification is pending.  The key components of the AxFAST (power module, relay, voltage/current sensors) and the enclosure body all use UL certified parts or materials.

Accell’s AxFAST comes with a two-year warranty. It’s available at Walmart, which sells it for $299.99.


Source: Accell

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