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Accell’s new AxFAST 3202 portable Level 2 charger

Accell is an electronics manufacturer that’s based in Silicon Valley, and also has facilities in Mexico, Malaysia, and China. The company’s new AxFAST 3202 32-amp Level 2 charger is a higher-current version of its 16-amp AxFAST Level 2 charger. The new AxFAST 3202 offers a maximum charging level of 7.68 kW at 32 amps. It… Read more »

Accell’s new 32-amp AxFAST portable EV charger

California-based electronics maker Accell has introduced a new portable charger, the AxFAST 3202, that doubles the amperage of its previous portable charger. The new device will be available in November. The AxFAST 3202, priced at $549.99, supports 240 V, 32-amp charging, delivering 7.68 kW of power. It weighs just 12 pounds and features a J1772… Read more »

Accell’s AxFAST portable EV charger works at 120 or 240 volts

Sometimes you need to charge on the go, and while public chargers are steadily becoming more common, the sad truth is that they are often occupied or out of order, or just won’t work for unknown reasons. Most plug-in vehicles come with a Level 1 charging cable, but wouldn’t it convenient to have a portable… Read more »