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A123 Systems announces organizational alignment within Wanxiang Group

A123 Systems has outlined its organizational structure and strategic focus as a member of the Wanxiang Group, the Chinese company that acquired most of A123’s businesses last January.

During the next year, Wanxiang’s lithium-ion battery activities will be integrated under A123’s leadership, both in China and the US. The executive team is headquartered in A123’s Livonia, Michigan facility. Jason Forcier, formerly president of A123’s Transportation Solutions Group, has been appointed CEO as well as a board member.

“Combining the Wanxiang EV battery business with the global footprint of A123 offers great potential to enhance our global competitiveness,” said Forcier. “Both organizations bring key skill sets that are critical to our collective success and together we are well prepared for growth in our target markets.”

A123’s transportation business supplies batteries for the Chevy Spark EV, as well as for BMW and Daimler. A123 Energy Solutions provides grid-scale energy storage. The company’s battery R&D organization, which commercialized the Nanophosphate cathode material, continues to support advances in battery materials and cell design.


Source: A123 Systems


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