25 US utilities now offer EV rates with an average equivalent “price per gallon” of $0.75

Electric utilities are a key part of the e-mobility revolution, and a growing number of them are getting on board. According to a new study by the Northeast Group, 25 utilities in 14 states currently offer rate structures tailored for EV owners – typically discounts for charging during off-peak hours.

The enlightened energy providers include 8 of the country’s largest 15 utilities. In total, over 21 million US utility customers have access to EV tariffs. In the 14 states with EV tariffs, the average equivalent “price per gallon” is $0.75. The average cost of gasoline in these states is $3.70 a gallon.

Minnesota recently became the first state to require that electric utilities offer EV-friendly rates.

“In the currently shifting landscape, utilities are finding it increasingly important to better engage with their customers. A key part of this is new customer offerings such as electric vehicle tariffs,” said Ben Gardner, President of Northeast Group. “EV owners tend to be more engaged customers and it is critical that utilities are providing them with new rate options for their EVs.”

“EV owners are an increasingly important focus for utilities,” added Gardner. “On average, they consume more electricity, and are more likely to have solar panels installed at their home. EV tariffs that offer overall lower prices while encouraging off-peak charging are a great way to engage these customers.”


Source: Northeast Group via Nassau News Live
Image: Green Energy Futures/Flickr

  • anthonyvop

    Great. So now the State Sanctioned Power monopoly is forcing us to subsidize the inefficient EV power industry.

    Strike one: Federal Tax Breaks and subsidies
    Strike two: State and local Tax Breaks and subsidies
    Strike Three: Back door subsidies via state licensed monopolies

    And the Free Market is out of the EV industry.

    • ned_plimpton

      Like the Free Market with oil and gas? The EV industry would take that deal any day.

      Real free markets work great 95% percent of the time. And then there are industries where it’s a disaster. I love all the Talk Radio economists who think that whoever can scream “free market” the loudest is best problem solver. The irony is that they are the reason we can’t solve any hard problems. Simpletons screaming “free market” when the grownups are trying to have a real conversion.

      • anthonyvop

        I want all the subsides for oil removed as well of course along with the oil and gas taxes being eliminated along with drilling and pipeline restrictions removed.

        Funny how the Oil companies make around 5 cents a gallon and the left call them greedy scum but the government adds about 65 cents for that same gallon and Left don’t seem to mind.

        I am all for EV technology.

        BUT I don’t want to be forced to pay for it and I really don’t want the Government saying that the politically connected are the only ones to profit.

        • David Peterson

          The 5 cents a gallon profit widely quoted is the profit from selling at the gas station. The overall profit that the oil industry gets from a gallon of gas from the ground to the pump is $1-1.50 per gallon depending on the source of the crude, what is needed to refine it, and transport it.

          • anthonyvop

            And your source for that number is?

            And even if it is true what is the problem with that?

            I know the EV community is for the most part, anti-Free Market but are you one of those who base your economic policies on jealousy?

          • David Peterson
          • David Peterson

            The problem is that you’re complaining about government subsidies of EV vehicles by saying that oil industry makes only a tiny profit which it doesn’t, it makes a huge profit as most of the taxes paid for gasoline is paid directly by the consumer, not the oil industry.

          • anthonyvop

            OK FIne. I’ll play your game

            The Oil companies make HUGE profits.

            Government subsidies, tax breaks and grants for any company is Cronyism pure and simple.

          • EMartin

            Umm, have you ever looked at Exxon Mobil? They are consistently the MOST profitable company in the world…
            The US has some of the lowest taxes on oil in the world, and thus low gas prices. Look at Canada and Europe. Gas is like $6-8/gallon in a lot of places.

          • anthonyvop

            Jealous much?
            What is the problem with any company making big profits?
            My issue is with any company getting preferential treatment from the government for political reasons.

            And this country was founded, developed and achieved greatest by people who were tired of the way they did things in Europe.

          • EMartin

            The problem with making big profits is that they’re screwing over everyone who is forced to buy from them. So you like paying $4/gallon for gas so that you can make them more rich?
            Preferential treatment?! So you have an issue with oil companies then? Because they get more preferential treatment for political reasons than anyone.

          • anthonyvop

            Who are they screwing?
            You have a problem with a company making money?
            The only people who think they are being screwed are the Jealous types like you.

        • ned_plimpton

          This is my point. You take an extreme hardline “free market” position, and think you have found the answer to the world’s problems. In reality, life is much more complicated.

          No taxes, no subsides, no incentives is a nice neat idea that simpletons can wrap their heads around. Just like any other good conspiracy theory.

          But, of course, that’s doesn’t solve any real problems. So quiet down kids, the adults are talking now.

          • anthonyvop

            Ah yes.
            The Fascist Left way. Can’t justify your beliefs on either logical or moral grounds? No Problem. Just insult those who disagree with you.

            So tell me how the rampant cronyism of Keynesian economics have led us to our great economic boom of the last 6 years……
            Then tell us how great it is for the government to help those who support them financially while others are get shafted?

        • AaronD12

          The gas and oil companies are receiving $4 BILLION in subsidies every year. Tell me again how you don’t want EV subsidies, but you’re subsidizing the gas and oil companies?

          • anthonyvop

            As i have stated before

            I am 100% against all CRONYISM!

            That includes Subsidies, Grants, Low Interest loans and Tax Breaks to all Companies, Corporations and Groups.

            No more having the Government who wins and loses based on politics.

    • ronwint

      Too bad, so sad for you anthony. I’ll bet you work for an oil company. NO way are you “all for EV technology”.

      • anthonyvop

        Nope. Sorry. Like most people or your economic ilk you make false assumptions.

        I don’t work for an oil company. Don’t even own stock in any.

        I have have been a part of two electric car builds.

        How about you? That is aside from being an internet, treehugger and the poster boy for Einstien’s definition of insanity?

        • Unplugged

          Yeah, right. Only a true oil company troll would claim to be involved in EVs and then spout the old tired lies of a gasser.

          • anthonyvop

            That is what your types do when faced with logic that refutes your beliefs……You just spew infantile insults.

            Have a great day!!!

          • Nozferatu

            You too! Have a wonderful day in your office at Exxon or Shell…can’t quite figure out which one yet.

    • EMartin

      Minnesota is the only state forcing them to create the rate. All of the other utilities are doing it for their own benefit. It benefits the utilities to shift charging loads to off peak times, and that is what these programs do.
      No one is subsidizing the utilities for these programs.

      And what is inefficient about EVs? Compared to gas cars, they are far more efficient

      • anthonyvop

        Are you serious?
        In what world are EVs more efficient?
        I can fill up my Gas powered cars in minutes. EV takes Hours.(Please spare me Musks stupid Battery swap idea)
        My Gas powered cars have ranges from 300-almost 500 per tank. then I can refill in minutes and do another 3-500 miles.
        EVs…….Even the best can barely make 100 miles then find a hotel room.

        EVs are so efficient that the Government has to give HUGE tax breaks, special regs and subsidies just to get people to buy them.

        No, EVs are no where near as efficient as Gasoline or Diesel cars. And unless there is a major breakthrough in charging technology they never will.

        • EMartin

          What does refilling your gas tank have to do with efficiency?
          The best EVs (Model S) Can get about 250 miles per charge, and can be recharged in 30 minutes.
          And if you go with a PHEV or EREV like the Volt, you charge up daily, and still have the ability to refuel when you need to go past the battery range.
          But to address efficiency, electric motors are typically around 90% efficient. The best gas engines hit around the low 30% range. A typical EV can travel over 100 miles on the same amount of energy in 1 gallon of gas, so yes, they are more EFFICIENT.

          • anthonyvop

            The Tesla Model S has a range of 250 miles and can fully recharge in Half an hour(Still way too long)?

            Can I interest you in a deal for a Bridge in Brooklyn?

            BTW I am discussing REAL WORLD efficiency.

          • AaronD12

            Gas-powered cars are able to extract about 25-35% of the energy from gasoline. The rest is unusable heat energy. Electric vehicles are able to use 85-95% of the energy from the electricity stored in the batteries with very little heat loss.

            For most EV drivers, a charge takes around 5 seconds. I come home, plug in, and go to sleep. When I wake up, my car is fully charged. Sounds more efficient than standing at the gas station for 5 minutes, getting hassled by homeless for change, and knowing that 2 out of every 3 cents that I’m spending on gas is being wasted as heat.

          • anthonyvop

            For most EV drivers a charge last about 12-14 hours.
            When your charge is low and you still have 200 miles ahead of ya tell me about how great EV’s are!

          • Unplugged

            What a troll. It’s best not to feed trolls. Then they die.

          • Nozferatu

            I’m an EV driver….and let me tell you you’re full of bullshit.

          • Nozferatu

            You have no idea what real world is bud….seriously…your comments shout that loud and clear.

        • sabbadoo32

          When you go to work, plug your EV into a free or very low-cost charging station. You’re charged for the trip home. When you get home, plug it in before you go inside. In the morning, you’re charged for the am commute.

          I don’t understand the hassle or difficulty of charging; even as I understand the animosity toward EV’s.

          • anthonyvop

            So your life just entails driving from home to work?
            You never go anyplace else?
            Never took a road trip?
            Never change your plans at the spur of the moment?

            Wow! What a dull and sad life!

            I have no animosity towards EVs. I have a huge amount of animosity towards people who want me to pay for their EVs or to subsidize their EV business.

          • sabbadoo32

            The wife and I have discussed this. The EV would be either be the commuter car for the city, or the primary car we wouldn’t use for trips over 100 miles.

    • Mark Hanson

      Anthony, this is not a subsidy.
      Our utility is one of those offering a special rate for EV owners, it has been in place a couple of years, well before the mandate.
      Our utility calculated that an EV owner plugging in during peak hours (when most get home) cost them $600-$900/year. This is because our utility has to pay wholesale rates, which are very expensive during peak hours.
      We have two EVs and run near the top of that scale, so on their normal rate structure, we would cost the utility about $1800/year.

      Our utility is a co-op, so that cost is spread among the members, all of them. So everyone’s rate goes up as peak demand increases.

      With a lower off peak rate we save about $450/year.

      So by offering off peak, or TOU rates the EV owner saves money, the utility saves money (in my case, four times as much as I do) and the electricity cost of my neighbors doesn’t increase.

      Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me.

      • anthonyvop

        sub·si·dy noun ˈsəb-sə-dē, -zə-

        money that is paid usually by a government to keep the price of a
        product or service low or to help a business or organization to continue
        to function

        Electric utilities are state mandated monopolies so yes, It is a subsidy.

        And how the hell is forcing people pay for EVs when they don’t even own one is a win-win-win situation?

        • Mark Hanson

          People are not forced to pay for the EV or for the electricity.
          It is win-win-win because if the utility doesn’t do this it costs them more money, which is then paid for by other customers.

          This way other people DON’T have to pay for the EV’s fuel. I would think you would prefer this method to spreading out the costs among everyone?

    • Unplugged

      Ha, Ha.I like your use of “inefficient EV power industry.” You do realize that EVs are nearly 100% efficient versus around 25% efficiency for gas engines? And how many “Strikes” do you count for federal and local tax breaks and subsidies for the oil companies? You have a very twisted idea of reality if you don’t think that oil companies receive billions more in tax breaks than does the EV industry as a whole.

      Once we end tax breaks and subsidies to the oil industry, we won’t need the relative few subsidies that EVs receive. I don’t own a gasser, but I certainly pay for your gas subsidies. How fair is that?

      • anthonyvop

        What is wrong with you people? Can’t you read?
        One more time!


        OK? Understand?

        Now explain to me how an EV that requires a dozen hours to recharge after barely 100 REAL WORLD miles is more efficient than my car that can go 400 miles on a Tank of gas, refill in 5 minutes and then go another 400 before having to stop for another 5 minutes is more efficient economically.

        Remember in the real world Time = Money!!!
        Even if you value your time at a pathetically low $10 an hour that means your EV costs you about $120 plus the cost of the electricity to charge up.
        And don’t even try the stupid “Charge when you sleep” argument. If you sleep 12 hours a day, every day, at the same exact times without any change you have more issues that driving an EV will fix.

    • SpiderDan

      The Free Market hasn’t been in the gas-powered car industry for long as most of us have been alive. I suppose this means you’re equally outspoken against cars with internal combustion engines, right?

      • anthonyvop

        I Don’t purchase GM or Chrysler products. They already have stolen enough or my money.
        Also avoid UAW built cars as well.

        • SpiderDan

          UAW has nothing to do with the fact that oil companies have taken trillions of dollars in government subsidies. You are being FORCED to subsidize the petroleum industry, and you almost certainly have been for all of your adult life.

          So, since you have loudly proclaimed your opposition to the government “eliminating the free market” from the EV industry, surely you must have been on the record as opposing the oil industry and gas-powered cars for many years? (Particularly since the EV subsidies are a tiny drop in the bucket compared to oil subsidies.)

          Or is this whole “government subsidies” and “free markets” talk an excuse for you to bash a technology that you fundamentally have ideological objections to?

          • anthonyvop

            You must have gone to Public School

            Get somebody to read my posts for you. I have stated more than a few times I am against all Subsidies!

            And I have no objections to traditional EV except being forced to pay for them and the fact that unless there is a major advancement in Battery capacity and charging time it is a dead end.
            Still has a place as a extreme, short haul transport in certain applications.

            For real world efficiency bring on the Diesel Hybrids (Come on Audi…I am waiting) until the solution for cheap hydrogen production is discovered.

            But Gasoline ain’t going anywhere soon.

          • SpiderDan

            You have no objections to traditional EVs except being “forced to pay for them”?

            Well then, you have an objection to nearly every type of powered transportation in America, as they are all heavily subsidized. So why are you specifically making it a point to bash EVs, when the alternative options have even bigger subsidies?

          • anthonyvop

            None of my motorized mode of Transportation are of the Motorized type.
            But that doesn’t really matter. We are forced to pay taxes aren’t we?

    • Nozferatu

      And what the hell do you think you’ve been doing for the oil and gas industry…wake up…a trillion dollars on war PER YEAR so you can keep your oil coming…..who DO YOU think pays for that? Santa Claus?

  • http://www.gospacego.com/ David Sharp

    .75/gallon net cost + no oil/fluid changes + no engine maintenance + no emissions + ability to drive on (off-grid) PV sunlight + better performance = Incentive for kicking the gas habit. Of note – The Ryan Budget earmarks $40 BILLION in big oil subsidies over 10 years. It’s time to stop that non-sense.

  • Conservative

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  • tombartley

    I don’t understand where the $0.75/gallon comes from. The equivalent energy is 36.6 kWh/gasoline gallon, resulting in $0.02/kWh. The best off peak rate for EVs here in San Diego is $0.16/kWh, equating to $6.00/gallon. If it weren’t for the energy efficiency of an EV far surpassing a gasoline ICE car, it would be less expensive to drive a 30 MPG gasoline vehicle. No wonder I am going solar to fuel my plug in.