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Two new books describe life with Tesla’s Model S

Tesla Model S (C) ChargedEVs

Tesla is very much a product of the 21st century, so perhaps it’s fitting that, while there are loads of videos and online articles about the company, its cars and its colorful leader, so far there is not a lot in print. There are two good new books about Model S, and both make good use of the paper medium.

Tesla Model S – Best Car Ever! by Frank van Gilluwe and Kim Rogers, and Owning Model S: the Definitive Guide to Buying and Owning the Tesla Model S by Nick J. Howe are both detailed guides to Tesla’s flagship electric sedan. Each includes a brief section about the history of Tesla and the development of the car, and a tour of the factory, but these are mainly comprehensive guides to the vehicle itself. Both books describe all the unique features of Model S, assess the various options, and explain how to get the most out of the extensive palette of electronic goodies. Each contains a thorough description of the buying process, and detailed explanations of things like traction control, regenerative braking, and of course charging.

Tesla Model S – Best Car Ever! is a graphical tour de force, with over 200 very nice color photos. If it were in a larger format, I’d call it a coffee table book. It includes not only spectacular shots of our favorite EV barreling through stunning landscapes and posing in modern urban scenes, but also such things as close-ups of the various components and interior features, and factory pix of the manufacturing process. The authors detail the various advantages of owning an EV, and debunk some common myths about the Model S and EVs in general, so you can silence your skeptical friends, or convince yourself that you really can afford this amazing piece of technology.

Owning Model S is also nicely designed, and well illustrated with color photos. It lacks the full-page panoramic shots of van Gilluwe and Rogers’ book, but goes into a bit more detail in the text. There’s a step-by-step guide to the buying process, including sections on calculating the total cost of ownership and planning your personal charging infrastructure. Range, with the many factors that can affect it, is given a thorough discussion. While both these books are obviously written by and for ardent fans, even the Model S does have its defects, and Howe includes a list of the little quirks and annoyances, as well as some advice on how to handle problems that may come up.

I’d recommend either of these books to anyone considering a purchase – anything you might want to know about buying, owning and driving Model S is here. A set of both would make a lovely present for a proud owner.


Tesla Model S – Best Car Ever!

By Frank van Gilluwe and Kim Rogers. 218 pages. Paperback only, $24.99.


Owning Model S: the Definitive Guide to Buying and Owning the Tesla Model S

By Nick J. Howe. 202 pages. Paperback only, $24.95.


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