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Nesscap Energy’s 3-volt, 3400-farad ultracapacitor

Nesscap Energy has introduced a new 3-volt, 3,400-farad ultracapacitor cell. The N60 delivers 40% more energy and 42% greater power density compared with Nesscap’s 2.7-volt, 3,000-farad cell, within the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical form factor.

The product is designed to allow system integrators to scale up system voltages to attain more power and energy within the size and weight specifications of their existing designs. Systems can also be designed with fewer cells, delivering reductions in size, weight and cost.

The N60 may be used as a standalone solution or integrated with battery technology, depending on the needs of the application.

“The market is hungry for solutions which provide more power and energy, without sacrificing lifetime, at a reasonable cost,” said Jim Zuidema, CEO of Nesscap.

“N60 is all about shifting the paradigm and providing customers with possibilities to significantly boost performance, reduce size and weight, and lower cost,” said Robert Tressler, Chief Business Development Officer of Nesscap. “This product will enable us to expand our existing business and reach new opportunities in the transportation, grid, and renewable energy segments.”


Source: Nesscap Energy via Green Car Congress


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