Infineon’s new 900 A IGBT chip offers 30% less static loss

German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon has introduced a new version of its IGBT7 chip in its TRENCHSTOP line that boasts 30% less static loss than previous models.

The 1,200 V module provides a leading nominal current of 900 A. Infineon says this enables a 30% higher inverter output current from the same frame size compared with previous technology. While Infineon is aiming the new chip at industrial drive applications, it says that designers can also use it in commercial, construction, and agricultural vehicles, as well as servo drives, solar inverters, and UPS inverters.

Infineon says the TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 chip performs with much lower static losses compared to the IGBT4, and its on-state voltage is reduced by up to 30% for the same chip area. This brings significant loss reduction, especially for industrial drives, which usually operate at moderate switching frequencies. Infineon also notes that the new IGBT7 has improved both the oscillation behavior and the controllability of the IGBT.

The IGBT7 is part of Infineon’s EconoDUAL 3 family, which features a higher power density. The EconoDUAL 3 module comes with an improved housing for handling higher currents and temperatures. It is available with pre-applied thermal interface material (TIM) for the lowest thermal resistance and longest lifetime.

Source: Infineon