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Henkel’s new silicone-free gap filler is designed specifically for EVs

Chemical company Henkel has identified several major challenges faced by battery manufacturers, including: cost efficiency and high-speed cell assembly; reliable thermal management for safety and UL94 flammability standards; and serviceability of battery packs.

Henkel’s battery assembly adhesives and thermal interface materials (thermal adhesives and thermal gap fillers) are designed to address these challenges.

Henkel produces adhesives that are suitable for assemblies of thousands of battery cells by UV curing in under 15 seconds.

At the upcoming Battery Show in Stuttgart, the company will introduce a new line of silicone-free liquid gap fillers that achieve a thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m-K.

Henkel also offers:

  • Gap Pad and Sil Pad materials
  • Thermal adhesives with a structural shear strength of greater than 10 MPa
  • Flame-retardant liquid gasketing technologies with a top cover that can be reopened for serviceability and repair
  • Solder pastes
  • High temperature-compatible underfill

Source: Henkel



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