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Evonik’s new fire-resistant coatings for EV battery housings

German chemical company Evonik is expanding its TEGO Therm product range to provide heat protection and fire-resistant coatings for EV battery housings and covers to prevent thermal runaway.

The range includes TEGO Therm HPG 4000 granules, which have a microporous silica core for low thermal conductivity, high hydrophobicity, and reduced flammability. TEGO Therm HPG 6806, a finer silica-based granule, is designed to strengthen mechanical performance and ensure smooth, even surfaces of insulation coatings. The TEGO Therm L 300 waterborne polysiloxane hybrid binder further enhances the thermal stability and fire resistance of protective coatings.

Coatings based on the range meet UL 94 V-0 fire safety standards. Spray application on complex three-dimensional substrates ensures complete and efficient fire resistance of the entire battery housing and helps to save space.

When subjected to a propylene flame at more than 1,000° C in testing, TEGO Therm-based coatings protected the substrate effectively as the temperature on the back remained moderate, even with a thin dry film thickness.

“The synergy between TEGO Therm binder and granules is at the core of our solution. It minimizes heat transfer and effectively inhibits the spread of fires, offering crucial additional time for emergency response,” said Niko Haberkorn, Global Head of Business Development for the Industrial & Transportation Coatings market segment at Evonik Coating Additives. “Our products ensure high mechanical resistance, maintaining structural integrity in high-temperature scenarios.”

Source: Evonik

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