EV-Box to supply 4,000 public charging stations for Rotterdam


The Municipality of Rotterdam, Holland plans to install 4,000 public charging points by 2018 – 1,800 in the city itself and the rest in the surrounding region.

EV-Box, a charging solution provider headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in Antwerp, Paris, London and New York and a network of some 40,000 chargers, will provide the charging stations. Partner ENGIE Services will deploy, manage and operate the stations.

ENGIE and the Rotterdam authorities will use “Big Data” analysis to optimize the installation and usage of the charging network, monitoring where and when EV drivers charge, and installing charging points where demand is high.

“We’ve gained extensive expertise in the last years on how to optimize the usage of the charging network by implementing smart charging technology,” said Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EV-Box.



Source: EV-Box


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