Delaware Transit slashes its fuel bills using Proterra’s new Valence software

Commercial vehicle OEM Proterra (NASDAQ: PTRA) has introduced a new integrated fleet and energy management software platform called Valence. Valence “provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to commercial electric vehicle fleet operators, including tools for data analytics and reporting, vehicle and charger diagnostics as well as charger optimization and energy management.”

The first customer to put Valence into service was the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), operator of DART transit services. DTC recently took delivery of six Proterra ZX5 battery-electric buses, and has another six buses on order. The company says that, in its first month of using Valence, it was able to save 23.8% on its average fuel costs.

Valence uses smart energy management capabilities to optimize the cost of EV charging. Proterra works with customers to understand operational requirements and electricity rates in order to design optimized charging strategies that best serve customer needs. A key strategy is demand charge reduction, which is implemented in Valence by minimizing EV charging during peak electricity usage periods.

“DTC is delighted to see how much our agency was able to save in operational costs by using Valence,” said DTC CEO John Sisson. “We will continue to embrace advanced technology that will take our agency to the next level of vehicle transportation. We’re glad to have Proterra as our partner to guide us through the process.”

“Proterra is thrilled to see the positive impact Valence is already delivering for customers like DART. From batteries and buses to chargers and software, our comprehensive technology platform is helping fleet operators cut costs, enhance performance and improve the overall electrification experience,” said Chris Bailey, Proterra’s Chief Business Officer. 

Source: Proterra


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