Bosch’s new Power Max 2 and Power Max 2Plus Level 2 chargers


Bosch has launched a pair of new Level 2 EV charging stations.

Based on the original Power Max, the Power Max 2 is sleeker and more compact, offers higher output power, and is designed to minimize installation costs. The Power Max 2Plus adds Wi-Fi connectivity and USB data storage.

Both new models are available in 30-amp, 7.2 kW and 40-amp, 9.6 kW configurations, and both come in hard-wired and plug-in versions, with 18- or 25-foot cables. They are suitable for outdoor installation.

Pricing starts at $674 for the Power Max 2 30-amp/18-foot cable version.

“The original Power Max has been a great product for us, having been selected by several OEMs as their station of choice,” said Jeff Hudnut, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Product Manager. “The second generation is even more powerful, with additional features to provide a greater value for our full spectrum of customers.”


Source: Bosch


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